The Time of Year: Selected Songs 1994​-​1999

by Apartland

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F.K.A. Ashland. Recorded and mixed on 4-track cassette in Brighton MA, Cambridge MA, and Austin TX. Additional recording in OH, MO, and KS. Selected songs from the self-released cassettes "Cat's-Cradle," "6 Songs," and "Laconica," and the unreleased "Savannah Sessions." Sequenced chronologically.


released September 21, 2016

Written, performed, recorded, and produced by Mike Baehr
Cover model: Ethel



all rights reserved


Apartland Seattle, Washington

Home recordings by Mike Baehr.

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Track Name: August
Always before you
Looking for someone new
Hallway to my door
Empty as before

Check the mail
Check the phone
Nothing there
All alone

August came today
Nothing much to say
Hope you understand
If I take your hand

I don't mind
If you say no
Just say goodbye
Before you go

Summer turns to fall
You're here after all
Lie here next to you
Nothing else to do
Track Name: Cold Heart, Nebraska
Spider-Heart Deanna spins her own web
Spider-Heart Deanna sits alone in her bed
She sees her heart's reflection and it makes her blush
It's small and black and fragile
And easily crushed

But there's a price
She'll have to pay
To get ideas
To work it out

Ordinary people don't have much faith
They don't have an idea
They're running in place
Starry skies and perfume get in your eyes
You don't know why these things would make you cry

But there's a price
You'll have to pay
To pass the test
To smell the coffee

Cold hands in Pennsylvania
There's a bad chill
Cold heart in Nebraska
There's a wind that kills
Sitting on a blanket of my own design
I ignore the weather
Everything is fine

But there's a price
I'll have to pay
To start the car
To feel the pull
Track Name: Come Here a Minute
Come here a minute
Come here
Come here
Come here
'Cause I want you by my side
And I need to see you smile
I want you closer
Come here a minute
Come here a minute
Come here a minute
I want you closer
I want you here with me
With me
I want you here
I need you, dear
Oh please won't you come
I want you to come
Right here
With me
Come here a minute
Come here a minute
Come here a minute
I want you closer
With me
Won't you come
Won't you come
With me
Track Name: Not Today
Offer me a seat
And take it away
Another dirty trick
Another game we play
Apologize again
Make a sorry face
Practice our deceits
Paint the picture grey

There may be a time
When everything is fine
But it was not today
It was not today
I saw the smoking gun
I thought you were the one
But you are not today
You are not today

Elevator up
To the second floor
Used to take the stairs
Can't cliimb anymore
Operating room
Where I left my heart
Take too many steps
Slowly fall apart

The TV's black and white
You said we wouldn't fight
But that was not today
That was not today
I thought I wanted more
Of what we were before
But we are not today
We are not today

There was a time
When everything was fine
But it was not today
It was not today
I thought I wanted more
Of what we were before
But I do not today
I do not today

First you wash your face
Then you go to bed
You still can't erase
Everything we said
Ordinary lives
Terrible mistakes
Things will take their toll
Time is all it takes
Time is all it takes
Time is all it takes
Track Name: Watermelon Song
It's been on the windowsill
Since the Fourth of July
That was the day we fell apart
Now it's collapsing
And running down the wall
A stinking rotten mess down to the core

It's a disaster
That no one wants to touch
So it stays there getting worse and worse
I could carve a face in it
And put it on the porch
Scare away the children from my house

Guess it doesn't matter anymore
Track Name: Michigan
Nothing turns out as planned
Dry your tears
Listen here

Take my advice
And take off for a while
It seems like it's been months
Since I've seen you smile
There's no reason why
You can't put your life on hold
The driving will clear your head
When you hit the open road

I'll miss you
Come back soon

When your life falls apart
You can get into your car
And drive to Michigan
You can take a vacation
To your favorite destination
Back to Michigan

You're shaky in Ontario
But it's too late to turn back
There's nothing on the radio
Except "Little Red Corvette"
As soon as you cross the bridge
You'll be back where you belong
And tomorrow you'll watch the sunrise
On the banks of Lake Huron

I miss you
Come back soon

It takes 12 hours to drive
It's 700 miles
Back to Michigan
When your life is a disaster
You can get there even faster
Back to Michigan
Track Name: Fireworks
I took her to a party
She didn't like my friends
I said "Are you satisfied?"
She said "That depends"

She doesn't like the fireworks
She hates to see the crowd
The worst excuse I've ever heard
Did I say that aloud?

We walked home together
I didn't say a word
I couldn't think of anything
She hadn't already heard

She doesn't like the fireworks
I've no idea why
I should have worn a different shirt
It's too cold for July
Track Name: Kitten and Tiger
There's trouble at the zoo
And they don't know what to do

When the tiger ate the kitten
It killed me
When the kitten ate the tiger
No one believed
Kitten ate the tiger
Kitten ate the tiger

All the human beings
Can't believe what they're seeing

When the tiger ate the kitten
It choked on her
When the kitten ate the tiger
She spat out the fur
Kitten ate the tiger
Kitten ate the tiger

Clear away the carnage
Throw it in the garbage

Kitten ate the tiger
Kitten ate the tiger
Track Name: Thaw
Winter melts away
Out of our jackets and out of our clothes
The bubbles rise from the bottle
And soon the sun will rise too
The sun will rise on us
January fades away to nothing
As long as we're together
We'll never let it touch us

It's always summer in our bed
We lay together
The sun is always shining
The flowers always blooming
The birds are always singing
You made me a believer
I hope it lasts forever
I hope it lasts forever
I hope it lasts forever
Will it last forever?
Track Name: Swimsuit
If the ocean's still too cold
It shouldn't ruin your vacation
There's no need to pack your bags
I wish you weren't so impatient

You could wear your swimsuit on a cloudy day
And somehow you would still get sunburned anyway

You know that I can't disagree
When you're practically undressed
I don't have to be underwater
To feel the need to hold my breath

'Cause you can wear your swimsuit in the dead of night
And somehow I can see you as if it was light
Track Name: Terminal
Why can't you stay?
Why can't you stay
For one more day?
For one more day

The April storm
That snowed us in
Left us alone
Let things begin

Why can't you stay?
Why can't you stay
For one more day?
For one more day

I tried to call
But it's too late
You checked your bags
You're at the gate

Why can't you stay?
Why can't you stay?
Don't go away
Don't go away

I did my best
I really tried
You weren't impressed
Now it's goodbye
Now it's goodbye
Now it's goodbye
Now it's goodbye
Now it's goodbye
Track Name: Jane
Jane's a bad example
She will make you cry
When she's off the handle
You'll be forced to lie

Have to lie
Say it's fine
You're all right

In the warmth of springtime
All the trees in bloom
Jane says "Let's stay inside"
Puts on some cheap perfume

Stay inside
She will hide
From the light

Jane's at the movies
You're in the car
Roll down the window
Turn the key to start
Track Name: Kiss and Ride
We say goodbye
At the Kiss and Ride
And the train takes you away until the weekend

When you get home
You'll find the note
I slipped into your bag while you were sleeping

It says I love you
And I'm thinking of you
Call me when you get there

You live so far
But if I had a car
I'd drive ten thousand miles just to see you
Track Name: Another Winter
Take off that hat
The one that covers your ears
Put it in the closet
Isn't it good to hear?
Take off those gloves
That hold your fingers tight
They keep you from touching
All the good things in your life

There'll never be another winter
You're where the leaves will never fall
And the wind that cuts right through you
Will never blow again at all

Unwrap that scarf
From around your neck
The air is fresh and warm now
You won't have to hold your breath
Take off your coat
And throw it on the floor
Isn't it good to know that
You won't need it anymore?

Do what you want to do
Go where you want to go
So much more is possible
When you're not mired down in snow
The sun won't always shine
The rain may still fall down
But as long as you're alive
May all your Christmases be brown
Track Name: Blue Mound
It's six o'clock in the morning
And we drove all night
Just to get back to your house
By morning's light
Now it's shining through the window
To touch your skin
And with a hundred thousand kisses
The day begins

In Blue Mound
In Blue Mound
In Blue Mound

In a one room apartment
That we call home
The time of year is not important
If you're not alone
When you're running out of options
It's not too late
To pack your life up into boxes
And we'll escape

From Blue Mound
From Blue Mound

When you wake up in the morning
And the day seems long
And survival seems much harder
Than you are strong
Just remember if you need me
I'll be around
Whether we're in San Francisco
Or Blue Mound